6 (naughty) resolutions for the New Year

2020 is around the corner. With each New Year comes good resolutions. Shall we stop snacking and eat organic, take yoga lessons, sleep at least 7 hours each night, learn a new language…? Sometimes, so much positivity leaves you exhausted before having even started.

If you feel the same, come to the Walloon side of life instead! We are for good resolutions as in “good fun” and we are sure to hold on to these… Have a look at our list if you need extra inspiration:

1. Go on a diet. Eat cheese. Lots of cheese. Tons of cheese. Walloon cheese, of course.

Cheese is life – no secret there. So how could you resist the idea a fondue served in a horse-drawn carriage, admiring the enchanting landscapes of the Belgian Ardenne as you go along? You are sure to melt with happiness…


2. Get up early to go to the farmers’ market Go around Christmas markets

It’s true: the most cheerful Christmas markets are in Wallonia. It’s one of our favourite places to meet artisans from the region (and find the perfect present. Maybe one to ourselves too) and catch up with friends with terroir treats (and our mouth already is watering – think pâtés, cured meat, cheese…) and mulled wine (quintessentially decadent grape juice, right? We gather this counts towards our 5 a day).


3. Be more adult Feel like a child again at Pairi Daiza

For the very first time, Pairi Daiza, named the best zoo in Europe, is opening to the public in winter. The Jardin des Mondes will be at its most magical: you ca stop by Santa’s house, see reindeers in the park, have fun gliding on a 2200 m² ice rink floating on the lake… Add to this illuminations, garlands and irresistibly sweet animals…


4. Hydrate more Try Walloon Christmas beers

With a drop of wisdom and moderation: it’s not about gulping them down but sipping them to fully appreciate the skills of the brewers. The real challenge is to decide which one to go for first. Here are some of our favourites:


5. Stop making unachievable plans Live the château life in Reinhardstein

Winter is the perfect season to discover this stunning estate. Step in and explore the many rooms and corridors with guides in mesmerising costumes: they will tell you the fascinating story of the castle. Christmas stories and carols will make your visit even more memorable.


6. Eat my 5 a day (Walloon) chocolate each day keep worries at bay

Walloon chocolatiers are known all around the world for their savoir-faire and creativity. Let’s be honest: life is way to short to resist such good chocolate!

  • For full nirvana, stop by Thibaut Legast in Braine-le-Comte, named Best chocolatier in 2018
  • Love backstage tours ? The Soeurs Demaret in Battice will show you how to prepare exquisite pralines…
  • Macaron lovers will adore Darcis. There’s a Chocolate Museum to visit there too
  • Euphrasie Mbamba from Chocolaterie Sigoji in Ciney, named Best chocolatier in 2019 par Gault & Millaut is sure to wow your tastebuds
  •  Millésime, in Seraing, favours a Bean to Bar process and selects the very best ingredients: expect a fabulous tasting


* The consumption of Alcool can be detremental to your health