The Féeries at the Château de Beloeil

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Saturday 17 August 2019

The Beloeil castle will be shining bright during the festivities dreamed and orchestrated by Luc Petit. Comedians and magicians will wow the public with their juggling, acrobatic and flamboyant acts, right under the stars, this August.

Over 300 artists - dancers, musicians, actors - will join the Féeries de Beloeil this summer.

Simply spectacular

Carried by powerful yet angelic baroque melodies, wander through the magical vegetal worlds of the Beloeil estates. These will be the stage for an extraordinary show inspired by Molière, bringing together all king of entertainers to amaze children and adults alike.

Extraordinary performances

Mind-wowing legends and characters, enchanting dances, choreographies of fantasy animals, modern acrobatics... This event is sure to leave you memories for life...



Saturday 17 August 2019

The doors will open from 4 pm.

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