Wépion's 2019 Sex toy hunt

  • Demonstration
Sunday 14 April 2019

Leave chocolate hunting to children this Easter: a unique hunt awaits in Wépion on April 14th, 2019... A sex toy one!

A tribute to women

Count on Wallonia to surprise you... 4,000 participants, each with a spade. 800 sex toys to be dug up. This incredible event is a celebration of women's freedom of expression, which, you guessed it, includes their sexual one too. Coaches from all around Europe will bring women wishing to make a statement that day.

200 gentlemen will be allowed to join, on the condition they dress up for the occasion.

Hunters can join for a fee of 3 € and bring their own spade (or buy one on site). Profits will be donated to the Think Pink and Endométriose Belgique ASBL associations.

A festive program

The event will also have a 225 m² to welcome visitors. Expect quite a few surprises along the day: zumba lessons, trampolines, free wellbeing session. There will also be a raffle for those who haven't found a sex toy during the hunt, with everyone being guaranteed a prize.

Tell all your girlfriends and join the fun!


Sunday 14 April 2019

Ouverture du site à 10h30.

Début de la chasse à 13h.

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