The Bois du Cazier and its heaps: a remarkable memorial site

  • Explore Boid du Cazier in Marcinelle, a former mining site listed by UNESCO
  • Bois du Cazier | Mining, Industry and Glass museums
  • Bois du Cazier | Mining, Industry and Glass museums
  • Bois du Cazier | Mining, Industry and Glass museums
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Listed by UNESCO as one of the major mining sites in Wallonia, the Bois du Cazier is a particularly touching memorial. Located South of Charleroi, this preserved industrial heritage site stretches along 26 hectares. A remarkable orientation trail has been designed to present its 3 heaps and architectural features.

Thanks to an IOF (International Orienteering Federation) map featuring the relief, vegetation, constructions, visitors can explore the site, looking for markers. The latter will give information on the mining site, including their biotope structure.

A remembrance place

The Bois du Cazier highlights immigration and conditions of industrial workers. The site is known known as the location of a major mining disaster on August 8th, 1956, with 262 killed. The victims came from a wide range of countries, 35 different ones in total, the majority being Italian.

The site, closed in 1967, was left abandoned for years before being revalorised thank to European funding. It opened to the public in 2002 as a touristic attraction and memorial, a place part of the industrial history of Wallonia. Following its motto "The past, present for the future", it offers a didactic trail dedicated to coal, iron and glass, showcasing human know-how with its many successes and failures.

The site received several awards

Located south of Charleroi, the Bois du Cazier is an absolute must see for those interested in the industrial history of Wallonia. In 2017, the attraction received the "European cultural heritage" label, an award given to locations having played a crucial part in making Europe.

It features are 3 different cultural spaces:

  • The memorial dedicated to the disaster that took place on August 8, 1956
  • A museum presenting glass blowing skills and techniques
  • A museum retracing the industrial revolution in Belgium

The website lists the activities, events and offers to make your visit to the Bois du Cazier a memorable one.



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