The Fond des Vaulx: a luscious, mysterious valley

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area
  • Walking or hiking

The enclosed Fond des Vaulx valley offers 15 hectares of wild landscapes, quite a contrast with the wide spaces of the Marche plain. Fauna, flora and geology in the area are sure to fascinate visitors, let alone the many legends adding a mysterious atmosphere to the area...

The Fond des Vaulx valley is part of a limestone fringe called Calestienne, modelled millions of years ago by the acidic water of the Ardenne massif, south from there.

The site and the Herbert trail is perfect for hikes, mountain biking, speleology or rock climbing. Visitors will also find a BBQ area on site.

There are three unmarked paths to explore the area, from 2.2 to 4.5 km and see:

  • Caves such as the Grotte de la Ducasse, the Trou du Renard...
  • The Trotti-aux-Fosses sinkhole, listed an underground site of scientific interest in Belgium
  • small depressions and rocks



3 (unmarked) trails ranging from 2.2 to 4.5 km. Guided tours: groups of 15 persons min., price on request

Information on the walk


Minimum duration2:00
Maximum duration3:00





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