The Musée du Sabot in Porcheresse: the lost art of clog making

The Musée du sabot or Clog Museum, in the village of Porcheresse, retraces the history, production or process and use through time of the iconic wooden shoes. This artisanal skill, present in most of the Ardenne in the 19th and 20th century, has now almost fully disappeared. Beautiful but out of use, clogs have now become collectors' items.

Porcheresse was known for its clog-making: at the highest of its fame, in 1910, 70% of the men in the village focused fully on that skill. The museum presents the tools and many objects given by the generations that followed.

Practical information

The museum found its home in the former school and communal house of the village.

  • Visitors first discover a clog maker's workshop, which presents the process in making the shoes. Follow explanation on how these were commercialised and an insight on the history of the village, focusing on the clogs and finally how this industry came to an end.
  • The museum being rather small, only 20 persons are accepted at a time. It is of course possible to divide bigger groups and to include a walk to the 19th century water pump (2 km from the departure to the return point)
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Groups: 10 persons min., 20 persons max.

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