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  • The Thuin trail | Cycling trails in Wallonia
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A poetic trail starting on the tow paths along the Sambre, the side of the road filled with wild flowers in summer... then through woodlands and countryside in the region of Thuin.

Many attractions and lodgings take part to the Welcome Bike program in the area.

Cycle along the Sambre to reach Thuin, one of the most beautiful trails in Belgium. The impressive Collegiate church of  Saint Ursmer de Lobbes will shadow over you as you take the RAVel 3 to discover the Sambre so dear to boat makers.

When the river was turned into a canal in 1829, boat building yards appeared everywhere. It's easy to recognise narrow boats built near Thuin and you will see them sailing still: they are decorated with 2 fleurs de lys joining at the bow.

A kilometre further, you will leave the Sambre to discover the countryside of the Thuin region, marked in its heights by the Château de Fosteau. A little after Leers-et-Fosteau is Ragnies, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia, where you will find the famous Biercée distillery.

As you get closer to Thuin, you might be surprised by the structure of the city. Built on a rocky outcrop, lined by its renown "suspended gardens", it is dominated by its belfry, listed by UNESCO. Continue cycling down and you will be by the Sambre again. The narrow boats, travelling through the region and through time, might very well leave you nostalgic...

Good to know

Try the Tram-Vélo (Tram-Bike) in Thuin: take your bike on the tram to Lobbes. There you can visit the Centre de découverte du Chemin de fer vicinal (dedicated to all kind of tramways), part of the Bikes Welcome network, then the collegiate church of Saint-Ursmer. You can cycle back easily via the RAVel.

Practical information

Type of road

RAVel and asphalt countryside roads

Type of bike

VTC bike


A superb 22-km bike ride, taking the RAVel 3 at its start. It then goes through the countryside around Thuin before joining the Sambre again. No difficulty.


From 15 y.o.


From the railway station in Lobbes, join the RAVel 3 along the Sambre.


In progress - do contact the local Maison du Tourisme before going!


by the railway station in Lobbes.

Information on the walk




Minimum distance22 Km


Minimum duration3:00
The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.