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  • Towards the Molignée Valley | Cycling trails in Wallonia
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This RAVel, one fof the most beautiful ones in the region, offer a real historical kaleidoscope of the region: it first goes along two castles in ruin before reaching two famous abbeys.

In Bouvignes, the Middle Ages seems very present still. You would swear you have just heard horses walking on the paved streets around the Chevalier gate of the city... The Crèvecoeur fortress, which shadows covers the Maison du Patrimoine Médiéval Mosan, nestled by a little square, adds to the atmosphere.

On the other side of the Meuse, you will find the ruins of the Poilvache castle, which used to be considered a real state fortress. A little further is Arnhée then Warnantm where you will switch bikes for a while: it's time to try the draisine or railbike, which uses a former railway train to explore the Molignée valley (6 to 14 km loop). The ruins of the Montaigle castle, on the way, paints a perfect mediaeval scene.

Soon you will get to the station of Maredsous. There you can indulge in succulent regional dishes at the local (and very friendly) terroir bistrot. The way back will prove easy as the RAVel goes down all the way.

Practical information

Type of road

RAVel (asphalt) - excellent condition throughout the Molignée valley

Type of bike

VTC bike


45 km in total (22 km to get to Maredsous from Bouvignes), no difficulty at all.
To go to the 2 abbeys, take the road just after the station of Maredsous (now a terroit bistrot). Do note there will be a slope on that itinerary.


From 15 y.o.


Cross the Nationale 96 and go under the railway to find the RAVel #2


Follow the RAVel signs. Along the Meuse, a little after the dam bridge, take the Molignée RAVel (L150A).


At the Place du Baillage in Bouvignes, by the Maison du Patrimoine Médiéval Mosan.

Information on the walk




Minimum distance45 Km


Minimum duration5:00
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