Carnival and folkloric traditions in Villers-la-Ville

  • Folklore and Tradition
From Friday 01 to Sunday 03 March 2019.

This traditional carnival takes place in the most magical setting: the ruins of the Villers-la-Ville abbey...

The program


The festivities will start at 8 pm with a fantastic feast, served in a heated marquee. Booking mandatory.


9 am: join the trail or jogging through the streets of Villers. Fancy dress for the first one, normal sports clothes for the second.

Noon, at the municipal school of Villers-la-Ville: face painting and workshops for children who wish to join the procession

1.30 pm: start of the procession, led by an orchestra, through the village to a circus tent for a free show

End of the afternoon: election of the prince and princess of the carnival

8 pm: join the marquee for a wonderful dance evening.


10 am: gathering of the "hunchbacks" of Ramipont at the marquee, traditional dancing

Noon: groups will gather at the marquee

2.30 pm: procession through the village

5 pm: closing party

8.30 pm: traditional dancing



From Friday 01 to Sunday 03 March 2019.

The groupsjoining the procession will gather from noon.

The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.