• Folklore and Tradition
Saturday 09 March 2019

This traditional bonfire in Falisolle is the largest in the region - talk about a warm atmosphere!

A secular tradition

The monks of the Oignies abbey (chased away by the French revolutionaries in 1794) indicated in their logs having seen one, over 220 years ago. This activity may have existed since men turned to agriculture (+/- 4,000 years before our time), in which case, this might well be the 6014th bonfire.

The program

5 pm: procession
8 pm: the last couple married in Faisolle is invited to light the bonfire at the Pré des Monts. A puppet symbolising Winter is burnt on it a little later.

Come and join: this event is free for all.


Saturday 09 March 2019

At 8 pm.

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