A carnival in the Eastern Cantons | The Rose Monday in Eupen

  • Folklore and Tradition
Monday 04 March 2019

Come and experience the Eupen carnival, one of the largest processions in the Eastern Cantons.

A Meuse-Rhine carnival

The most important day of the carnival is the Rosenmontag or Rose Monday. It owes its name to the carnival in Cologne: the pope marked the day sacred with a rose before Lent. Its origin goes back to the 17th century. It takes place on the Monday before Shrove Tuesday.

The Rose Monday parade

The Rosenmontag is a Meuse-Rhine carnival led by a Carnival Prince. Visitors, on that day, can admire over 60 carriages and a 100 groups in the city.

Enjoy the carnival atmosphere in the German-speaking city of Eupen, at the heart of the Eastern Cantons!


Monday 04 March 2019

The processions will start at 12.30 pm.

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