The Carnaval des Chinels in Fosses-la-Ville

  • Folklore and Tradition
Sunday 31 March 2019

This amazing carnival is known for the quality of its costumes. Expect to be wowed!


A descendant of the famous "Polichinelle" and its famous cousin "Pulcinella" of the Commedia dell'Arte, the Chinel de Fosses owes its fame to their refined, shimmering outfit, made of silk and satin. The tunic is characterized by two tapered bumps: one on the thorax, inclined downwards, and the other in the back, inclined upwards. Every year, they fill the streets, dancing wildly on the four special "Chinel tunes". Add to this drums, Pierrots playing music, stilt walkers and other traditional characters. Quite a show!


The procession starts at 2 pm from the Salle de l'Orbey (Rue d'Orbey, Fosses-la-Ville), with the many costumed group parade until 6 pm.

In order: Télévie Rotlindjes of Hauvent, the joker, the wild clowns, Clara Bistouille and Abel Zebuth, the stilt walkers from Fosse, the mini Chinels (children under 12).

The groups will gather on the Place du Marché at 6 pm for traditional dances (or Rondeau). The Chinels will regroup by the colour of their costume and compete to see who the best dancers are.




Sunday 31 March 2019

The Laetare will take place on the Sunday.

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