Marche-en-Famenne's Grosse Biesse carnival

  • Folklore and Tradition
Sunday 03 March 2019

This carnival finds its origin in a picturesque, heart-warming character called Gugusse. Get to know him better in Marche-en-Famenne this season.

Taking a stroll through the capital of the Famenne region, you will discover the surprising story of the Grosse Biesse (or large beast, similar to a dragon), who gave its name to the carnival. Many more picturesque creatures join the festivities: Grand Georges (the last bell ringer of the city), Grand Mautchî (who used to be called, until 1995, the Carnival Prince)

The local guilds and associations also take part to the event, and this since 1960. Folklore is very much alive in Marche-en-Famenne.



Sunday 03 March 2019

The procession will starts at 2 pm.

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