The Laetare carnival in Tilff

  • Discover the giants, symbols of Wallonia and its rich folklore, in Tilff
  • Folklore and Tradition
Sunday 31 March 2019

Belgian carnivals are sometimes called Laetare: a fitting name as it means to rejoice in Latin. Why not fill up your heart with joy in Tilff?

This is a carnival like no other... Created in 1952 by the folkloric group le Porais Tilffois, the procession looks like a nomad vegetable patch. Dressed up at leeks (poireaux in French, porês or porais in the local dialect), the participants dance to the harmonious sound of the Jardiniers Mélomanes (or music-loving gardeners) around a giant puppet called Djôsèf li r'piqueû (Joseph, the replanter) and other traditional characters.

Indulge in a bowl of leek soup, made especially for the carnival. Thousands of litres are served that day!

The festivities conclude with a large bonfire on which the Macrâle hiver (winter witch) is burnt.



Sunday 31 March 2019
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