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Welcome to southern Belgium’s carnival calendar for 2019. Experience the magical and folkloric atmosphere of carnivals, festivals and cavalcades in Wallonia.

The carnivals of Wallonia lose nothing in comparison with the world-famous celebrations in Rio, Venice or even the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Among the highlights are the Binche Carnival and its Gilles, a treasure of Walloon folklore recognised by UNESCO for its oral and intangible heritage, and the four-day Cwarmé of Malmedy, featuring spectacular dancing by the main characters, the legendary Haguètes. Not to mention the Carnival of Blancs-Moussis in Stavelot, a real journey back in time to recreate the town’s Laetare of the 15th century.

The Walloon carnivals: a great Belgian tradition

The carnivals of Belgium are deeply rooted in the folklore of Wallonia. Carnival season traditionally on the day of Mardi Gras at the start of Lent and continues until the beginning of spring. Then the bonfires, another ancestral custom of Wallonia, announce the end of winter.

All Walloon towns and cities have a celebration of one kind or another. Don’t be surprised if on your next trip – solo, with family or friends – you come across a magnificent procession featuring the most unusual costumes you could imagine.

Will you join us at Carnival time? This is your personal invitation!

Check out our selection of events to celebrate Carnival in Wallonia.