The Walloon Trappist Abbeys hike: Chimay, Rochefort and Orval

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The Walloon Trappist Abbeys hike is divided in two stages: Orval to Rochefort (116 km) and Rochefort to Chimay (174 km), 290 km in total. This itinerary will introduce you to the beauty of Wallonia's nature and to its gastronomy.

The Orval Abbey

Discover the daily life of the monastic community and history of the building, as well as its art collection.

The Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy Abbey (Rochefort)

Built in 1230 by monks, it is known for its excellent Trappist Beer. Only the Abbey church is open to the public.

The Scourmont Abbey (Chimay)

Monks settled in the area, founding the abbey in 1850. A farm, brewery and dairy developed nearby.

Stop by the Espace Chimay to enjoy an interactive visit and learn about the delicious products made there.

Practical information

The itinerary for the Trappist Abbeys hike can be downloaded here (Topo-guide version 2.0). It includes all touristic and practical information you might need along the way.


Information on the walk




Minimum distance116 Km
Maximum distance290 Km


Maximum duration80:00
The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.