The reputation of the cured (or salted) meats of the Ardennes is long established. They delight gourmands in Belgium and around the world.

In Wallonia, visits to restaurants, museums, local food markets and artisan producers are all opportunities to discover and taste our unique hams, sausages, pâtés and other artisan charcuterie.

Ardennes ham

We can’t talk about salted meats without mentioning our wonderful Ardennes ham, one of the most illustrious products in Walloon gastronomy.

Even the Romans took it back to the Eternal City, where this delicacy was highly appreciated.

Ardennes ham is a local product from the wild forests in the hills, made by following the ancient tradition of either ‘dry rubbing’ the pork with salt or immersing it in brine, and then wood-smoking and ageing it depending on the cut. If you were to salt and smoke a pork leg anywhere other than the Ardennes, it wouldn’t taste the same.

The Ardennes microclimate and its seasonal changes in temperature, humidity, and fresh and humid air circulation are essential for the harmonious maturing and drying of the ham.