The route of quirky flavours in the Meuse-Condroz-Hesbaye Region

  • Discover the Owl Distillery with Grâce-Hollogne and Etienne Bouillon, its creator.
  • venez découvrir les produits du marché de Huy, dans la province de Liège
  • Huy-Biere Et Vin
  • Circuit Gourmand 28 - Huy Vignoble Le Clos des Prebendiers
  • Car tours

Beer-flavoured chocolate, Belgian whisky, saffron... Impossible? No, unusual! This special tour invites all food lovers to discover the amazing specialities of the Meuse-Condroz-Hesbaye region.

Surprises, amazing encounters and culinary eccentricities await throughout this exciting tour.

Producers to visit on this gourmet adventure:

Taratatas, caramels and chocolates

Library and Museum of Gourmandise

L'Artisan du Café

The Owl Distillery: a Scottish touch in Belgium

Safran de Cotchia

Do try:

  • Local wines from Huy
  • The Belgian Owl Whisky
  • Huccorgne's traditional mustards, tapenades and pickles
  • The famous saucisson à la Saint-Mengold (dried sausage made with Saint-Mengold beer) created by the artisan butcher, Geminne in Huy
  • Amay macaroons

Information on the walk


Minimum distance64 Km


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