The castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, nature and cultural heritage in Rochefort

  • Discover the castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, in the province of Namur
  • Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
  • Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
  • Castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
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The castle of Lavaux-Saint-Anne, its three museums, its park and gardens in the province of Namur are sure to enchant you. This magnificent castle on the plain of Wallonia is a mere 16 km from Rochefort, 23 from the French border.


This striking fortified castle dates back to the 15th century. It combines medieval and Renaissance architecture with three distinctive domed towers and a keep surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge. The buildings fell into disrepair in the 19th century but were faithfully and extensively restored in the 1930s. Today the chateau demonstrates how successive generations kept abreast of the changing techniques of warfare which rendered the massive keeps and battlements obsolete.

3 museums

There are three museums now housed in the chateau:

  • the museum of the Lords of Lavaux shows daily life in the castle of the 17th century
  • the Natural History Museum on the first floor is dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Famenne region
  • in the vast medieval basements and dungeons, there also is a Museum of Rural Life in the 19th century.

The ecological zone

Outside the castle, beyond the moat, a wetland area with lakes and reed beds has been created with bird watching hides and viewing platforms connected by raised walkways.

Fancy dress for children

Visitors can explore the castle solo or join a guided tour (booking requested) in French, English or Dutch. The little ones can dress up as princesses or knights and imagine their own adventures.

Visitors with specific needs

This site is not Access-i certified but is doing its best to make visits more accessible to visitors with specific needs. Please contact them directly to know the full range of options available on site.

Please click here to see the list of facilities and activities accessible to visitors with reduced mobility in the region. Wallonia has developed the Access-i program to give travellers a clear understanding of what the infrastructures offer.

  • Persons with reduced mobility can only access part of the site - the French gardens and the ponds trail.

  • Dogs must be kept on leash in the gardens. Little dogs should be carried (either in your arms or in a basket) when visiting the castle.

  • Sadly, given the many stairs in the castle, strollers are not allowed in the building.




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Reduction for large families. the third child goes free. Pass VIP for Patrons: 15€, unlimited entry to the castle and its ecological park for a year, with accompanying persons (4 max a day) paying only 5€ instead of 8€. Additional 10% reduction at the shop.



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