Château médiéval de Vaulx

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Lying on a rocky promontory, the medieval castle Vaulx, also called "Castle Caesar" looks over the Scheldt river. Every year, in the summer, the castle's surroundings resonate with the medieval music and reinactors adorn themselves with the most beautiful costumes and colours.

Little known origins

Traditionally called "Caesar Castle", it has long been thought that Vaulx Castle was built by the famous Roman general, but it 's not the case. It was built in the middle of the 14th century using limestone. If the last castle of Tournai is in a state of ruins, we can see its square plan with the corners punctuated by cylindrical towers still visible today.

The medieval festival of Vaulx

Every year, the ruins come to life during the last weekend of August, when jugglers, alchemists and other minstrels and perfomers invade the castle for a great medieval festival. The opportunity to celebrate and learn about this precious aspect of  historical heritage.

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