Spitfire Museum: In Memory of WW2 Airmen

This museum, at the Florennes air base between Chimay and Dinant, is dedicated to the Belgian and Allied airmen of World War 2.

Opened in 1992, its pride and joy is a beautifully restored Spitfire Mk XIV, which took 12,000 working hours to bring back to mint condition.

The base was actually built by the Luftwaffe in 1942, to provide a new advanced facility for its night fighter units.

It was captured by the Americans in 1944, and the Allies made extensive use of it in the closing months of the war.

Spitfire Museum - Colonel Aviator R. Lallemant D.F.C. (Florennes)

Discover the airplanes that have marked the history of the air base in this museum covering over 1,500 m²