The Recht slate quarry

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In this spectacular quarry, visitors can admire the impressively high rooms where the local Recht slate was mined. The 800 m underground trail includes an observation bridge offering a memorable panorama on the site.

The village of Recht (Sankt-Vith) was deeply marked by the mining of schist between the 18th and 20th century, with stone cutting being a well-developed trade.

Your guide will explain, along the visit, the geological characteristics of the mountain and how dangerous working in the mine could be. The museum features a collection of tools and creations made from the local blue stone.

A thrilling event

How about celebrating Halloween in the mine?

Tip: wear comfortable walking shoes and warm clothes.

Visitors with specific needs

Please click here to see the list of facilities and activities accessible to visitors with reduced mobility. Wallonia has developed the Access-i program to give travellers a clear understanding of what the infrastructures offer.

Please note, on this site:

  • If you have a wheelchair or have difficulties walking: the mine is accessible to motorized wheelchairs or to normal wheelchairs with the help of an accompanying person. Please note a wall is being renovated at the moment: do check with our team before visiting.
  • If you are blind or visually impaired: please come with an accompanying person. Audio guides are available in French, English, German and Dutch.
  • If you have difficulties understanding: please come with an accompanying person.


Free for children under 5. Family pass (adults and 2-3 children): 22€. Reductions for visitors with specific needs. Groups (15 persons min.): 7€ p.p Groups (10 persons min.): Guide fee included in the entry price (15€ to pay for groups under 10 persons)



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