The Jardins de la Grange

  • Park/garden

Les Jardins de la grange try to raise awareness on how fragile nature is and tries to preserve the local flora and fauna. To do this, the association has opened 6 themed gardens to the public:

  • Butterfly garden
  • Water garden
  • Bird garden
  • Simples garden
  • Vegetable patch
  • Woodlands

Inspired by medieval times and stretching over 50 ares, they  highlight forgotten species (plants, fruit, vegetables), medicinal plants and aromatic herbs.... as well as the use of some varieties in the environment: green wood for borders, g=fences and pergolas (willow, hazelnut, chetnut trees...)

The association makes herbal teas from their harvests, mixed with organic and foraged plants.


Guided tour of the gardens with/without nature workshop: booking essential, please call +32 (0)479 25 29 34

On these occasions: sustainable snacks and local beer/products.
Workshops: healing with plants or creating your herb garden
Shop: local products, herbs, herbal teas




€ 3.5



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  • Shop
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