The caves of Remouchamps, a natural gem in the province of Liège

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The Caves of Remouchamps, a natural gem in the province of Liège open to the public since 1828, are famous for being home the longest underground river in the world.

A fairytale-like world

The visit promises a memorable journey underground featuring stunning jewels:

  • Spacious underground galleries, beautifully sculpted with stalactites and stalagmites by nature
  • A room decorated in 1912 and named the Cathedral for its height - 40m high, it could easily hold a twelve-storey building.

The first part is a 1 km stroll through a mysterious, fascinating landscape such as the first hall, which was inhabited by Palaeolithic hunters 8.000 years ago. Always against a fabulous background, full of colours and life, you will pass corridors, filled by the subterranean river Rubicon, until the big hall of the Cathedral.

The second part is visited by boat, gliding the Rubicon winding subterranean river of almost 700 m in length. Here one will discover new beauties, including a natural water fountain that sprays under the subterranean roof, forming a magnificent curtain.

Its history is equally fascinating: used 8,000 years ago by Paleolithic hunters as a natural shelter… it became a wine shelter for a while and a shelter during World War II.

Good to know

  • Possibility to combine the visit of the Caves of Remouchamps with the Monde Sauvage d'Aywaille.
  • This is a guided tour (in French, Dutch, English or German): the beauty of the site is matched with detailed explanations about its history.





From 01 January to 31 December 2019.
  • Until April 5: open every day from 10 am (last tour at 4 pm during the week, 5 pm during the weekends)
  • The frequency of the tours depends on the season/number of visitors. No fixed time for tours.


Visits for groups: 20 persons min. Booking required.

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Maximum duration1:15



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