Sports activities in Wallonia

If you think that Belgium is flat, think twice 

Indeed, flat Belgium is only restricted to the Flemish region, the biggest half of the country, Wallonia, is characterised by hilly landscape, plunging valleys, primal Ardennes forests, which, in the ancient times, shelters great war lords (Ambiorix, Charles the Main, Charles the Hammer, Godfrey of Bouillon …) and hunters (St Hubert is proceeding from the Ardennes forest), druids, preacher and fairies.

In the eastern counties bordering with Germany, there are the steppes-like fauna and flora of the Fagnes…. All the outdoor activated have thrived in such a beautiful and unspoilt region. They are accessible; both geographically and in price… All will depend on the level of Adrenaline you are prepared to unleash to enjoy it to the full!