Water sports

With its rivers, lakes and many navigable stretches of water, Wallonia has it all when it comes to water fun. Thrill seekers will love sailing, windsurfing, diving, kayaking, families its gentle banks to swim, splash and relax. Ideal when the sun gets hot in summer!

The Lesse, the Semois rivers prove perfect for all kind of sports, rafting including. No need to be an expert, all beginners are welcome to join and learn on site.

On a more peaceful note, why not try Aqua Golf at the Eau d'Heure lakes? Even professional golfers love this twist on their favourite game. Near Namur, you will meet a traditional ferryman who will help you cross the river, a poetic way to see the Meuse. Children will equally enjoy the Aqualibi theme park and its many attractions

Water, in Wallonia, is also linked to the region's cultural heritage: the four hydraulic lifts on the Canal du Centre, listed by UNESCO are the perfect example and very well worth the detour. You might also enjoy a romantic (electric) boat rise in the Jardins d'O de Nismes, simply picture perfect.