Walker's Guide to Wallonia : The Belgian Ardennes

Wallonia has often been described as a real paradise for walks and hikes lovers.

No wonder: in the South, the Belgian Ardennes roll out an undulating carpet of high plains and deep valleys, magical forests and fairy tale like streams. Go west and you can explore wide open space, speckled with the sweetest villages you can imagine.

There is, whichever part of the region you choose, a real sense of freedom, of constant amazement at such a variety of landscapes.

In the downloadable brochure below, we have selected one of the best walks per province: natural gems, family friendly paths, memorable views along the way, trails sprinkled with history… One even will introduce you to the iconic abbey beers.

Go on. Wallonia is calling. Don’t forget your camera!

A walker's guide to Wallonia

If you were to draw a straight line on an atlas northward from the Massif Central in France to the North Pole, the only area of high ground the line crosses is the Ardennes, shared between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – but mainly belonging to Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium!