Kayaking down the Amblème valley with Coo Kayak

  • Kayaking down the Amblème valley with Coo Kayak
  • Water attraction
  • Kayak, canoe or rafting

The Amblève valley, in the heart of the Belgian Ardenne, offers an exceptional setting for a relaxing day kayaking solo, with friends or with family.

The meanders of this river offer stunning opportunities to admire nature, untamed, along its banks.

With Coo Kayak, you can kayak 9 km down the valley, starting from Coo and finishing in Cheneux: 2 exciting hours on the water with the option of returning to your departure point (the Coo activity centre) cycling a mountain bike or taking a bus.

Practical information

Open all year round.

Please note this adventure is weather dependent: some waterways may not be safe after particularly heavy rains. Do check kayak.environnement.wallonie.be beforehand.



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€ 17


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