Quirky Wallonia 2018: the Part of Belgium that is Packed with Surprises

Come and visit a truly unique part of the world, take part in an offbeat activity or stay in an unusual place ... In 2018, quirky Wallonia will take you by surprise!

Among Wallonia’s extraordinary tourist attractions are a host of small, offbeat or little-known museums.

Enjoy a magical stroll, discover artistic works and galleries, or immerse yourself in the heart of a breathtaking landscape.

Take part in bizarre and unique events, and stay the night in unusual accommodation you won’t find anywhere else.


Did you know that in Wallonia you can …


  •  Ride on a boat lift and arrange a barbecue in the middle of a lake
  •  Cross-country ski while being pulled by a horse
  •  Walk barefoot in the forest or hand in hand along romantic trails
  •  Visit a museum dedicated to laundry or daydream in the midst of hundreds of butterflies
  •  Put on an astronaut’s suit and explore the universe
  •  Cheer on intrepid navigators in their floating bathtubs
  •  Spend an enchanting night in out-of-the-ordinary accommodation

And many other incredible and unlikely things worthy of the greatest Belgian surrealists.


In 2018, suspend disbelief in Quirky Wallonia!