The Eben-Ezer tower and its silex museum

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If you are looking for extraordinary, off the beaten path architectural gems in Wallonia, make a detour to see the Eben-Ezer tower! Crowned with impressive winged animals, it seems straight out of a Lord of the Rings or Games of Throne scene...

The mysterious Eben-Ezer tower

In 1930, just 18 years old, Robert Garcet started working in silica quarries in the Jeker area. By 1947, he was a quarry owner. To him, each stone hides a secret, a soul. In 1960, reflecting on the horrors of WW2, Garcet, a pacifist at heart, decides to build a tower symbolising humankind's peaceful coexistence.

The tower, made from flint rubble and dominating the Geer Valley, is strongly influenced by the Bible and ancient civilisations. At its very top, four large sculptures can be seen, the four cherubims of the Apocalypse: a bull, a man in the form of a sphinx, a lion and an eagle.

Exhibition on site

Some of the 7 floors are open to the public. Visitors will find an exhibition retracing the story of flint on the first floor. This interactive learning space, called "Geospadium", guides visitors through the Cretaceous world, presenting fossils and the uses of flint during the history of mankind.


From 01 January to 31 December 2019.

Summer opening times (February 1 to October 31):

  • Week days: 1.30 to 6 pm
  • Weekends: 1.30 to 7 pm

Winter opening times (November 1 to January 1):

  • Week days: 1.30 to 5 pm
  • Weekends: 11 am to 5 pm



€ 6.5
€ 6
€ 6
Children under 10 go free. 10-18 years old: 4€ Group visit: 40€ for the guide + 4€ pp. For groups larger than 25 persons, please contact the museum.

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