Water fun in Wallonia: from water sports to water parks

Walking, cycling, kayaking, driving on a narrowboat, ready to dive in in your swimsuit or relaxing on a terrace in your bathrobe, enjoying the outdoors with or without an umbrella… In 2019, Wallonia will embrace and celebrate all water pleasures.

In search for off the beaten path gems and adventures?

  • Cycle along the banks of the river Meuse,
  • Dive into an outdoor swimming pool,
  • Jump on a boat and go through a lock or two,
  • Take a boat lift,
  • Visit a dam and go deep in the depths of a lake,
  • Speed down the slides of a water park,
  • Let the engineering of still working water mill wheels wow you,
  • Go underground to explore exceptional caves,
  • Go lake or river fishing.

Looking for relaxation and wellbeing?

  • Relax in fantastic thermal water,
  • Take a rather cool walk amidst fountains in prestigious gardens,
  • Stay in a holiday village by a lake,
  • Indulge in a break in a stunning spa,
  • Stroll by a refreshing torrent
  • Taste escavèche (a dish of fish fried then marinated in vinegar) by the river

On, in or along water: expect a flow of happiness, anywhere you go in Wallonia.