A nature walk in Solwaster-Sawe near Jalhay

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This walk reveals the wonderful biodiversity of the Solwaster region and goes along the Sae, a wild, picturesque torrent that starts at the very heart of the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve.

Practical information

Start: Solwaster church
Duration: 2-3h
Distance: 1, 7 or 12 km
Level: Average
Signs: Yellow then blue rectangle

The walk


  • Follow the Yellow rectangles leading out of the village.
  • Take the first path to the right after the Solwaster to get to the confluence of the Sawe and the Statte (twin rivers who both start in the Fagne region)
  • Just follow the stream all the way to its source
  • Once at the top, you will find a pretty path leading back to the village

There is an alternative, easier route for those with trouble to walk.

Along the way:

  • The village of Solwaster and its beautifully preserved 19th century farms
  • The Nutons waterfall
  • A dolmen
  • The Bilisse rock

Information on the walk




Minimum distance1 Km
Maximum distance12 Km



  • Parking
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