A contemporary art festival in the citadel of Namur

  • Exhibition
  • Festival
From 28 June to 14 August 2019.

Contemporary art is coming to Namur! This festival, taking place in September 2019, will feature work by the most famous Belgian artists.

In the underground passages of the citadel of Namur

This art festival will showcase incredibly talented contemporary Belgian artists. The paintings will be presented both at the Terra Nova barracks and the hangar by the citadel. The event also the perfect opportunity to see the renovated underground passages of the citadel.

The program

The exhibition will bring together both paintings (on show inside Terra Nova) and sculptures (outside) by well-known artists. On Sunday, a jury made of art specialists will reward one of the artists. The public can also elect an artist.

Come and see these pieces set in a spectacular setting.


From 28 June to 14 August 2019.

From 10 am to 6 pm


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