Eggshell: an exhibition featuring tapestries, flowers and shells in Villers-la-Ville

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From 02 April to 31 May 2019.

The Villers Abbey presents this season another fantastic exhibition, Eggshell Alchimie, featuring uniques contemporary tapestries made from the site's flowers and egg shells. These unique patterns were designed by a local artist, Geneviève Leviver.

Geneviève Levivier, a Walloon artist

Geneviève Levivier presents her work in shows and galleries, both in Belgium and abroad, and even joined Milan Universal Exhibition. Each of her masterpieces, rich in visual and tactile details, is created specifically for a location.

9 tapestries designed for the Villers Abbey

Made from flowers found on the abbey's grounds and egg shells, the creations bring together sensorial design, innovating techniques and poetry. This silent but harmonious dialogue with the monastic archictectures (the monochrome Cistercian glass window for example) aims at soothing the soul and at reaching peace.


From 02 April to 31 May 2019.

Outdoor exhibition on the Abbey's ground. Open during the site's normal opening times 910 am to 6 pm)

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