Of life and death in nature | An exhibition at the Grand-Hornu

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From Sunday 24 November 2019 to Sunday 08 March 2020.

This exhibition highlights how inspiring, yet perverse the ambiguous relationship between men and nature can be.

Of life and death in nature

Still life painting presents nature in a sensual, fragile way and indirectly refers to the vanity of human intervention on its elements.

Human interference, in modern days, contributes to nature's ephemeral quality at best, to its annihilation at worst. Still life, which translates as "dead nature" in French then carries a much heavier weight...

Artists have questioned, favoured, sometimes even provoked nature's coping mechanisms, its will to survive and multiply. A beautiful irony: nature springing back to life, even at the verge of death!

The exhibition

Nature, however, is resilient and holds fascinating regenerative powers.

Designers, architects, artists have shared the extent of their research both facts and experiments,



From Sunday 24 November 2019 to Sunday 08 March 2020.
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