The Box: an exhibition on containers at the Musée des Transports en commun de Wallonie (Liège)

  • Exhibition
From 30 March to 31 October 2019.

Come and discover containers through time at this fantastic exhibition!

A closer look

  • From amphoras to containers, dockers to ship planners, vibrant harbours to terminals with towers af containers... a real journey awaits.
  • Learn how this simple metal box, by taking the price of transport drastically down, vecame one of the main vectors of globalisation.
  • Explore the main challenges to come (reducing greenhouse gases, finding alternative fuels...)
  • See how containers have been reused: lodgings, offices... stadiums even!

The exhibition, interactive and fun, is perfect for all audiences. Children can enjoy quizzes, Lego scale models, animation videos and a dedicated play area.

Initially created by the Port-Musée de Douarnenez, adapted by the Musée portuaire de Dunkerque, the exhibition has now reached liège where a section on the local harbour and Wallonia has been added.



From 30 March to 31 October 2019.
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