Halloween in Treignes | Visit the haunted village

  • Demonstration
Sunday 27 October 2019

Did you hear that sound? Was it a ghost? Treignes, aa village known for its many museums, invites children and adults to join scary adventures this season.

The Ecomusée du Viroin, Espace Arthur Masson, Musée du Magré-Tout and Musée du Petit Format are planning a thrilling Halloween for all ages.

The program

Evil forces have taken Treignes over: explore scary trails, jump on a brand new attraction, wander in a museum by night... There definitely will be a few scares and challenges along the way! And quite a lot of fun too - including a special dance show at the fortified farm, a haunted trolley from one site to another and a magic potion to give the participants strength,

Practical information

  • Snacks at the Espace Arthur Masson
  • Bar at the Ecomusée du Viroin
  • Fancy dress encouraged
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult



Sunday 27 October 2019

From 11 am


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