Carnival of Hélécine

  • Folklore and Tradition
From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March 2019.

Come and join the Carnival of Hélécine: a fantastic opportunity to learn more about folklore and tradition in Wallonia.



Inauguration of Prince Carnival Zaïeus II.

This enthronement is followed by a parody of the communal council, called the Council of the Princes but only reserved for the Princes, their wives and the organizing committee.


The afternoon (from 2.30 pm) is dedicated to children who can join a special show. Entry is free for those under 12 years of age, 8€ if above.

The fancy dress ball starts at 8.11 pm.


The great carnival procession, which comprises 39 groups, starts at 2.11 pm.
After the procession, everyone gathers under the marquee for a great (and free) ball.




From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March 2019.
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