Frührocken | Rock'n Roll Sundays in Eupen

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Sunday 25 November 2018

Frührocken invites you to start your Sundays with Rock, Blues, Boogies and Rockabilly vibes. Four special events will take place each year.

Rock'n'Roll and lazy Sundays

Eupen' s cultural committee of Eupen created Frührocken in 2014: 4 fantastic Sunday mornings, hosted in the Junglingshaus centre with Rockabilly, Blues and Boogie groups and musicians invited to show off their skills. You might arrive a little sleepy still but the music will make you feel alive in no time!

A dynamic programme

The venue has hosted bands such as The Last Row, The Bully Boys, Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones, TMT - Garage Boogie, The BluesBones, Boogie Beasts and Country Cooking.

In November The BluesBones (who won the second place at the European Blues Challenge in 2017) will ensure the most vibrant morning. They will make you swing and groove in no time!

The best way to start a Sunday morning.


Sunday 25 November 2018

 The BluesBones concert at 11.30 am

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