L'Elchertoise de JPP: a nature trail in Nobressart

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Saturday 30 March 2019

Enjoy the region's varied landscape with this pleasant forest trail in Nobressart, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia.

L’Elchertoise de JPP offers a choice of:

  • a 50 km max trail
  • a 25 km trail
  • a 14 km mini trail

during which participants share the cheerfulness of reconnecting to nature

A quality race open to all

The itinerary is accessible to all - expert and beginner runners alike. The stunning landscape adds to the experience. No podium, reward, gift, sponsor, nor paved road here: only the pleasure of running together matters.

Make your way through paths up and down, single tracks... from the village of Nobressart to the Rhine and Meuse basins.

Trails and treats

Why not recharge your batteries with a glass of L'Elchertoise, a locally brewed beer, and some cured ham?



Saturday 30 March 2019
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