Les Nuits du Cirque | A magical evening dedicated to circus acts at the Villers-la-Ville abbey

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Saturday 25 May 2019

The Villers Abbey invites you a magical show in May: circus acts will turn this stunning historical location into the most fascinating universe.

Take an extraordinary walk in this historical place

Over a hundred artists will make the ruins of Villers-la-Ville their home for this incredible show. Clowns, acrobats, trapezists, skilled troubadours will bring the location back to life.

A tribute to circus acts

Wander through the abbey as you wish, going from one stage to another. There are 10 to discover, presenting elegant and touching acts, some poetic, some physical. Between each, visitors will meet with travelling performers adding to the cheerful atmosphere.

Don't miss the finale, bringing entertainers and spectators together: .

Coming with your loved ones? Make sure you .

Step into the magical world of Villers-la-Ville!


Saturday 25 May 2019

From 17h to 23h.

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