The Chouans' march between Incourt and Jodoigne

  • Folklore and Tradition
Saturday 23 November 2019

Costumed interpreters and draft horses will retrace a famous 18th march in Jodoigne - everyone is welcome to join.

A march symbolic of the farmers' rebellion in the Ancien Régime

The French Republican authorities faced a popular uprising during the winter of 1798-1799. The Chouans gathered opponents of the anticlerical policy led by the Republic. They were joined by partisans supporting Emperor Joseph II of Austria's return. The union of these two groups, who ironically had fought each other during the Brabant revolution in 1789, only last the time of a single insurrection at the end of which they were defeated.

Relive this page of history

Join this 7 km march, going from Incour to Jodoigne, together with a hundred interpreters in 18th-century outfits and draft horses. There will be many historical animations (even dances from that era) to enjoy as you go through the countryside and opportunities to try the many regional specialities.

The march takes place every year the third weekend of September.


Saturday 23 November 2019
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