The symphony of fire: a memorable show at the Bois-du-Luc mining site

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Saturday 28 September 2019

The former mining site Bois du Luc will host an incredible show, designed by the Showflamme company. For one night, the location will become Vulcano: the forge of famously powerful Vulcan, master of fire and metalworking.

1 show, 5 stages

The trails will guide the audience through the site, presenting 5 differents scenes: temples dedicated to ancient gods (Venus, Appolo, Mercure, Diana, Juno) for example. Each will have its own musical universe inspired by classical masterpieces: thes exceptional compositions have been carefully created by Belgian countertenor Dominique Corbiau.

A unique show

No artificial lighting here... Fire only, through many forms, for a memorable show.



Saturday 28 September 2019
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