The Gallic Village of Liège

  • Demonstration
From 21 June to 14 July 2019.

The Gallic village is an institution in the ardent city! The perfect opportunity to combine good humor and gastronomy! In Liège, in June and July 2018.

A new edition that will be celebrated as it should, with surprises and a 40aine of chalets that will offer mouth-watering products:

  • ham on the bone, spit, paella,
  • grilled duck breast and Southwest products,
  • crisps, Savoyard tartiflette,
  • artisanal ravioli, snails ...

And various drinks:


  • wines and craft beers,
  • cocktails, ale and eaux-de-vie ... And many more!

The covered terraces installed in front of most of the chalets allow to consume on the spot.

Liège the friendly, Liège the warm, Liège ... the Gauloise!

It's a tradition now that marks the start the holidays in Liege: the Gaulish Village! A time to forget the exams, the hard work in overheated offices and replace them with the shaded terraces, the song of the cicadas and the freshness of a village that has found its mark and which counts more and more ardent followers, waiting impatiently for the opening of cottages all but anonymous, synonymous with conviviality in the heart of the city ...

The noise spreads in the streets and alleys of Liège: the sun is back, and with it,a charming Gaulois village and the pleasure of meeting friends and making new ones!

Who has not succumbed one day or another to the charms of this colourful village, animated, colourful, where the gastronomy argues with the friendliness?




From 21 June to 14 July 2019.
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