Little gems, picturesque villages and unmissable cities

Travelling in Wallonia means discovering little gems, uniquely beautiful villages, and towns and cities full of surprises.

Come and visit Liège, Namur or Tournai – gateways to a fascinating and ever-surprising region. These bustling centres will astonish you with the richness of their heritage, culture and gastronomy, and lead you to rural regions such as the Belgian Ardennes, the ‘green lung’ of the country.

In the countryside, you will come across Wallonia’s little gems – towns such as La Roche, Durbuy, Spa and Chimay - but if you push further into the rural areas, why not visit some of the 30 villages classified as the most beautiful in southern Belgium?

For those who like the popular tourist haunts, make sure to stop at Bouillon or St Hubert. Many towns back hundreds of years and have been perfectly preserved for the modern visitor.

If you are more into history and battlefields, there are the memorial towns of Waterloo, Mons and Bastogne, where some of the biggest conflicts in European history took place.

Throughout the region, you won’t be short of options for overnight accommodation. Wallonia offers many boutique hotels as well as comfortable guest houses where a warm welcome is guaranteed.