Charleroi, ville alternative pour voyager autrement en Belgique

Often decried and benefitting however from an unequalled industrial past, Charleroi allows us to reconnect with our ancestors.

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More than ever, it is a town with two faces. The first is that of heavy industry with its chimneys and factories juxtaposing labourers houses in a happy anarchy. The second is that of nature when, around a bend in the road, you can admire a slag heap or recharge your batteries in a big meadow.

The young town is irrevocably the birthplace of the black country, but not only that. It is also the town of the comic strip and alternative culture! The town is internationally renowned with its Museum of Photography and the Bois du Cazier, which is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites just like its Belfry. Charleroi continues to surprise you…