Liège, a fiery city that never sleeps

A dynamic commercial centre with modern pedestrian shopping streets, Liège is known as the most francophile place in Belgium, the city attracts many of its Dutch, French and German neighbours.

This vibrant city mixes industry with art, music, parks, gardens and bustling pedestrian shopping streets. Liège has a rebellious, anti-authority spirit and a dialect of its own. Its unique atmosphere is best experienced during the city’s spectacular festival on 15th August every year.

Much of the city has been transformed in recent years, with the highlight being the iconic Liège-Guillemins railway station designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

The art of living in Liège

The liveliest district in Liège is ‘Outre-Meuse’, a favorite haunt of the great 20th century author Georges Simenon, who created Inspector Maigret. On Sundays the famous flea market on the Meuse quayside is a treat, and the cafes and bistros are full of life and noise until late in the evening.

Discover the city on countless well-marked trails, on foot, by bike, by boat, by tourist train or on a guided tour.