Mirwart, one of the most prettiest villages in Wallonia

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In the heart of the Ardennes forest, Mirwart seems to be lost in time... Its pretty little half-timbered and stone farms and its castle add to its picturesque charm. The Domaine provincial, with its ponds and forests, is a wonderful invitation to explore its preserve nature.

An authentic village of the Ardennes

Along with its traditional houses and farm, sure to melt your heart, Miwart will delight visitors with its impressive castle, at the end of the main street. This historical building, first built in the 11th century, was modified along the centuries.

The Domaine Provincial

The Domaine provincial's fish ponds, which stretch, at the foot of the village, are open to visitors. Didactic signs present the local flora and fauna that can be found along the water. The site is of course very much loved by fishermen. The most common fish there is trout, mostly to help restock the region's rivers. The estate's woodlands also offer a wide range of walking paths, perfect for nature lovers.

A hidden gem: the ice house

You will find it along a gentle walk in the forest... This building, used as a natural freezer and meant to keep food longer, dates back to the 19th century. Only pipistrelle bats use it to sleep through the winter these days.

The perfect place for foodies

L’Auberge du Grangousier offers a wonderful atmosphere - complete with a barn, beautiful oak beams, and countryside inspired decoration. The address, selected by the BIB Gourmand, serves a refined, gastronomic cuisine. Its warm atmosphere means you will feel right at home.

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