In Bastogne, the memory of the Battle of the Ardennes lives on

If the Porte de Trèves, standing majestically in the centre of the traffic, is unavoidable, few people know that it has had roles as diverse as the ramparts of Bastogne, a prison and even a guesthouse. Elsewhere in the town, and on the periphery, the memory of the Second World War is omnipresent.

The Mardasson War Memorial

This memorial, constructed to honour the memory of the 76,890 American soldiers who died during the Battle of the Bulge, is the emblem of the town. Its design represents the American star, in remembrance of the deceased.

La Porte de Trèves

Trier Gate, an imposing square tower, is all that remains of the ramparts which used to encircle the town in the Middle Ages. During the demolition of these, the gate was converted into a prison and halfway house before finally being restored after the Second World War. Today, it’s possible to visit it by reservation in order to appreciate the temporary exhibitions which are held here.

Bastogne War Museum

This museum immerses you in the reality of the Second World War and the Battle of the Bulge. In this building, constructed in a bold and contemporary architectural style, you’ll experience the life of four people through artefacts, 3D and multi-sensory set designs, but also harrowing testimonies.

Firm Favourite

History buffs will be fulfilled in Bastogne! An interpretive centre of the Second World War is housed in Bastogne Barracks. In this barracks is where General McAuliffe uttered the famous reply of “Nuts!” in response to the demand to surrender from the Germans who were encircling the town. You’ll also be able to discover the current military vehicle restoration centre. Finally, complete your visit by the 101st Airborne Museum where many artefacts are presented.