101st Airborne Museum - The Battle of the Bulge Museum in Bastogne

Bastogne's former military mess now is home to a museum fully dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge.  Its rich collections offer a real immersion in that tragic WW2 episode.

The building

This prestigious location, built in 1936 and once the Chasseurs Ardennais' officers' mess, was also used by the Wehrmacht during the occupation of Bastogne. After the war, the Red Cross set up a makeshift hospital there.

Impressive collections

The museum, which stretches over 4 floors,  focus on the units that took part in the conflict in and around Bastogne during the terrible winter of 1944-45. Among them was the famous 101st Airborne, immortalised in Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers television series.

Beautiful displays present objects gathered by passionate collectors: personal everyday items, weapons, uniforms and genuine clothes, as well as various photographic documents. Visitors can admire realistic scenes complete with mannequins to better picture the era.

An immersive experience

A unique experience awaits in the basement of the museum: visitors can imagine having found shelter there during the bombings of the city, in December 1944, hoping for the best as the locals did in their own cellar. The sounds feel particularly... real.

A home for veterans

The museum welcomes veterans and their family, helping them with their quests, searches and wish to visit the region's battlefields.


From 01 January to 31 December 2019.



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